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Our Ethos

Embracing Hellenic Foods on its journey is about history. About culture. About love. About soul. About integrity but most importantly it’s about food, those humble flavours that have been defining the Mediterranean since the beginning of time, and those wonderful dishes that will be with us to the end.

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our best selling product

Our kebabs consist of a delicate blend of lamb and beef made only with the traditional recipe from Manolis kebab (running for 45 years) directly on your plate. Ideal to cook on the grill or on a barbecue while alternatively they can be cooked in the oven or in a stew.


Signature savoury pastries

Traditional puff pastry full of aroma. Because nothing compares to a hot cheese pie with feta and/or spinach, a juicy sausage pie, a delicious ham-casserole pie, or a casserole pie with genuine cheese.

Pork Gyros

Traditional Greek gyros made by the best raw meat and spices in combination with the most advanced processing equipment and the most experienced meat professionals, we supply the most delicious & unique flavours of gyros.